Homestead Goat Dairying 101

Homestead Goat Dairying 101

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Want Milk? Get Your Goats! 

Join us at the farm on OCTOBER 20th, 2019, for a HANDS-ON day with the goats and in the dairy room complete with a light breakfast, substantial lunch and decadent desserts featuring our delicious Dairy Delights! This interactive workshop will be HANDS-ON as we explore how to pick the right breed of goat and how many to get started with a home dairy milk supply based on the space/shelter/time you have to give them along with determining how much milk supply you really want to have. Information around choosing disease-free stock, different breed characteristics, setting up appropriate spaces and what equipment is needed for hand and machine-milking will be covered along with opportunities to try each. We will finish our afternoon in the dairy room to look at what is needed to set up your own micro-dairy and make some gelato together which of course we will all share together to end our day.

This workshop is limited to 8 people. Questions submitted ahead of time by participants will help guide the day.

COST: $75/person; $50 for second family member; $20 for enrolled 4-H youth.