Goat Reservations

Thank you for your interest in our herd!  owning goats is a wonderful and fulfilling lifelong adventure and we are dedicated to not only help you find the  perfect goats for you, but also to serve as your mentor on your goat journey.

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In order to get started in purchasing one of our herd members, we require a reservation.  This allows us to know you are serious about owning goats and dedicate the proper time to talking with you, sending you information on the goats you are interested in and giving you an in person or virtual tour of our farm and our herd along with carefully going over the goats you are interested in.  Reservations require a $250 deposit.

IMPORTANT:  Starting with 2023, all Reservations/Sales are subject to our approval of prospective homes.  Please be prepared to give us a virtual or, if close enough, in-person tour within 10 days of making your reservation deposit of your facilities along with any existing  herd members.  Should we choose not to accept your reservation, it will be returned to you less a $25 processing fee to cover card processing charges.

Once you have made a reservation and are on our waitlist, we will contact you to talk about what you are looking for and then be in touch again as soon as we have what you are looking for and see if who we have found for you will work.  If not quite right, then we will put you back on the waitlist.

Due to the size of our herd, our practice of extended lactations, and the demand for our proven stock, our available goats are limited.

NOTE: Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE (except as described above under approval of prospective homes), but may be transferred to a future offered herd member.
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